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I will be adding tutorials and working examples of code I have developed in CrossUI.

I am not a javascript expert and I am sure the code snipets and projects can be written in a much better and shorter way. The code may be long winded, use to many If statements and contain 20 lines of code when it could be done in 10.


However, I can come back to the code after several months and still understand it. It is ideal for a novice like me and anyone learning the principles of CrossUI.

CrossUI can appear to be 'Too hard to use' at the first attempt. Once you pick up the basics it all starts to make sense and fall into place.


I can only learn by 'Hands on' using programs, I cannot read a book or the APIs and understand the product. As I add the projects I hope others will see how easy it is to create something in CrossUI and overcome some of the initial difficulties.


I also hope it will encourage feedback on how to improve parts of my code and maybe some explanations on the more complicated features available.


I have no connection with CrossUI, earn no commission or gain any benefits from this site. I am learning as I go and find that detailing the code as I go along helps me understand it better, so why not share it.....



If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions feel free to contact me using crossui(@)kevinotton(dot)co(dot)uk